Thursday, August 4, 2016

No Pants Required written by Kim Karr (314 pgs) – finished reading 7/27/16 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance

What a fun and sexy read! Yes, there’s a lot of sex in this book, but it’s sweet and funny! Just the type of book I needed to read after the two intense books that I just finished. I enjoyed Camden and Makayla’s love story immensely! They have great chemistry! They just fit. The author writes with humor and honesty. Her characters are one of a kind. They sparkle all on their own. Yes, both main characters had pasts that weren’t pretty, but it was not due to their mistakes. They just trusted the wrong people. There’s a great supporting cast also, which I hope the author has plans to tell their stories eventually. This was your typical summer beach read that kept me entertained throughout the entire book. Glad I picked it up...

Review Written, 8/4/16

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