Friday, August 5, 2016

The Nurse’s Newborn Gift written by Wendy S. Marcus (256 pgs) – finished reading 8/4/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Medical)

I’ve read practically every book that Wendy S. Marcus has written, and this one is stunning. There’s so much emotion that is portrayed within the pages that I felt like I was laughing and crying along with the characters. Comical at times, but still packed with intensity as truths are revealed during some of the most awkward and honest moments. Krissy is a hard-working nurse, but a lot of people still imagine her as the wild party-girl of her teenage years. In reality, though, Krissy has matured into a respectable beautiful woman. And, it’s with that respect that she promises her best friend Jarrod something that is sure to shock, but yet  bring together friends and family members. Spencer was best friends with Jarrod, and he blames Krissy for him having joined the Army. But, what he doesn’t know is what Krissy promised Jarrod. Everything will come to light, however, when letters are distributed to each important person in Jarrod’s life. As Krissy and Spencer spend more time together, they find themselves rekindling that friendship that they shared in the past. Will it develop into something more as Spencer sees just how capable and caring Krissy is with the huge undertaking that now is bestowed on her?

This is so not your typical military romance. This one will floor you and leave you speechless. The storyline is one that I’ve never read before, and it’s written with compassion and heart. There’s a definite chemistry between Krissy and Spencer as they finally connect on a more romantic level. And, the passion between them is sensual and touching. I couldn’t help but enjoy the witty banter between the two also. The love/hate relationship that they shared was endearing. It was a beautiful story with a great cast of characters as feelings were shared during a most tenderhearted step towards finding comfort and fulfillment. This is surely one that you’re not going to want to miss...

“You are what my life’s been missing. You’re fun and passionate, a wonderful mother, and thank God, kind and forgiving. You’re laid back, you go with the flow and I need that in my life.” ~ Spencer (Chap. 16)

“You’re confident and sexy, dependable and smart, and you’re going to make a wonderful father for J.J.” ~ Krissy (Chap. 16)

Review Written, 8/5/16

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