Thursday, August 4, 2016

One written by Jewel E. Ann (381 pgs) – finished reading 8/1/16 – 5 stars - Cntemporary Romance (Sports)

I just love this author! She writes some awesome books that keep you so invested in the story. And, those characters just jump out at you with all their wit and charm. This book does not disappoint whatsoever! I loved the whole story of Lake Jones and her disability as she’s a spokesperson for a prosthetic company. It was real and honest. Such a great idea to bring into a contempory romance book. And, of course, who doesn’t love a romantic sports story. Cage Monaghan is just the epitomy of a football God! The two met three years ago when Lake was searching for a friend, and they just clicked. So, when they encounter each other again, it’s kismet. It’s insta-love. But, there’s ups and downs. Two careers that travel big-time. Will they be able to survive it?

There’s a magnificent cast of supporting characters as well. Funny as hell! Loyal. Protective. And, I loved them all! Friends. Family. They’re all wonderful! Ms. Ann writes with no flaws. Her characters are breathtaking. And, her story was so romantic! There’s not much angst present in this novel as the romance is what carries it. Two main characters that just connect on such an intimate level had me so captivated. It was downright beautiful! Can’t say enough positive things about this one other than it was PERFECT!! Looking forward to reading another Jewel E. Ann book!! Hopefully Flint will get his own story...

“To anyone with a disability, I may not have done the best job portraying the life of an amputee, but this story was about survivors. Thank you for being an inspiration. All it takes is one person to see your strength, and just like’ve changed the world. One is enough.” ~ Jewel E. Ann

Review Written, 8/4/16

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