Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ball Peen Hammer written by Lauren Rowe (368 pgs) – finished reading 8/7/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

You will laugh your ass off with one! It was so funny! Just the title alone had me already snickering before I even got started. And, my God, Keane Morgan is some awesome guy! The things he says are just so hilarious. He’s definitely got a mind of his own! I couldn’t stop laughing. It also helps that the guy does  not have your normal everyday career – he’s a stripper. And, he does it with finesse and ease with that body and his whole heart and soul. When he first meets Maddy for a unexpected road trip, damn is she ever pissed at him. But, that goes away as she gets to know him and is totally intrigued. These two together are one force to be reckoned with. They feed off each other, and it’s funny as hell. The pet names. The stories they tell. The videos they make. All just suck the reader into the story. It’s so entertaining, and I absolutely enjoyed it until the very end. Ms. Rowe definitely wrote one amazing book! Of course, the language is a bit raunchy and the sex is told in detail, but it’s still one amusing book! So, if you’re looking for a good time read, take a chance on this one. There also is a story within all the laughter that is a little emotional between both Keane and Maddy that has both characters questioning their beliefs. Unfortunately, that takes a toll on their relationship. So, they do have some things to figure out. But, this was just a light-hearted book that had me smiling the entire time. Loved it!!

Review Written, 8/9/16

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