Friday, June 10, 2016

Unveiling the Sky (Unveiling, #1) written by Jeannine Allison (323 pgs) – finished reading 6/10/16 – 4.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)


There are millions of people living with the disorder of depression. It affects a person’s daily life constantly. Not only does it affect their life, but the loved ones around them. This is the story of Alara who suffers from depression. There was no real reason for her to be depressed all of a sudden. She just knew that something was just not right. And, all she really wanted was people to understand her and not pity her. This is also the story of Gabe who loses his mother to cancer. She was one of the most important people in his life and it pained him for her now to be gone as she suffered with such misery in her final days. His relationship with his father is strained. They don’t see eye-to-eye on anything, which just complicates his life so much more. So, when Alara and Gabe first meet, they form a friendship that just fits. As their friendship grows, so does their attraction for each other. Gabe confesses the truth about losing his mother, but Alara holds on to her secret of her disorder. She just couldn’t handle the look of sadness that she knows would be in Gabe’s eyes should he learn of her condition. Not from Gabe. He’s the one person that she’s felt such happiness and acceptance with in such a long time. When she finally let’s down her guard and let’s him in with her secret, will he still want her? Will he still be there for her? Will he still want her in his life?

Man, this was one heart-wrenching read! It all starts off with the author’s note that describes the intention of writing this novel, and it’s a doozie. It’s the author’s struggles throughout her life that inspired her to embark on such an important task. It was actually a very real and intriguing beginning to the novel. So, with that being said, the heart of the story is with Alara’s struggles to maintain her true self while trying to be open and honest about her struggles with depression. Her character seemed so believable and true to life. She was such a strong and courageous young woman. Gabe’s character was so compassionate. From the devotion to his mother, to the support of his younger sister, and now to his acceptance of Alara and her disorder, this young man just melted my heart. He was sympathetic and tender. Sweet. Caring and kind. A true hero in my eyes!!

I can’t tell you how many passages I highlighted within Ms. Allison’s book. It will bring tears to your eyes, but somewhere along the way they become happy tears. Such a moving debut novel! It was so touching, and I can’t wait to read more from this author!!!

“I couldn’t always see the stars, I couldn’t always feel the warmth. But maybe, I could still believe it. I could still believe that despite the storm, the bright, blue sky would always return. I could still believe that happy days were in my future; they were just waiting for me to find them.” ~ Alara (Chap. 11)

“I love the way you can’t seem to keep from touching me whenever I’m near you. I love how you tell me I’m beautiful whenever we’re...intimate. I love that you won a dragon for Megan and that you lie to Naomi whenever she asks you if she’s good at singing. I love you because you help me love everything else.” ~ Alara (Chap. 24)

“I don’t know how to help because the truth is I don’t understand how you can be so sad, when seemingly you have everything you need to be happy. But that doesn’t matter because that’s not what you need. You don’t need me to understand it. All you need is for me to be there and just love you. Maybe someday we’ll understand or maybe we’ll forever be in the dark, but either way it doesn’t mater. I wish I could say that if I could change anything, I would change the fact that you have depression. But I don’t think I can because the truth is, it has made you who you are and I love who you are. I love every part of you even the part I hate.” ~ Gabe (Chap. 24)

“It’s ironic, isn’t it? That the girl who thought her life had no purpose gave me mine.”  ~ Gabe (Chap. 24)

“So maybe beating this disorder wasn’t about conquering it; maybe it was simply about continuing the fight. Refusing to give up, even when I wanted to most, even when I saw no happy end in sight.”  ~ Alara (Epilogue)

Review Written, 6/10/16

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