Friday, June 24, 2016

Fool for Love (Believe, #2) written by Karen Ferry (359 pgs) – finished reading 6/24/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (BDSM)


So I just finished Fool for Love and I was totally blown away with Ms.  Ferry’s writing. The emotions I had as I was reading this gem just had me all over the place. In such a good way, though. This was not only a romance, but also a search to find out what’s out there. Discover new things. Really to begin again. And, for Suzy Christensen that entailed finding love. Finding that special someone to settle down with whether it be male or female. And, that’s why Suzy has left Denmark for a new start in a new city – NYC. She has a bad falling out with her parents because of finally telling them she is different. Bi-sexual. It doesn’t go over well at all. Horrible things are said, and she just needs a change. She always wanted to travel, so this seems like the answer. While renting an apartment for the six months that she will be in New York, the owner of the apartment comes back early. He catches her in a compromising position with another woman while he is drunk off his ass. Realizing that there’s nowhere else for him to go, they strike up a deal. She can stay for the next three months but she has to be neat, be considerate of her entertaining conquests, and stay out of his way.  As Suzy gets to know Garrett, there’s much much more to this grumpy older man. There’s pain in his eyes, and she knows that there’s a story there. But, will he eventually let her in?

There’s so much more that I could say about this book, but it’s best to read it blind. So many secrets revealed. Plus there’s the romance that is off-the-charts hot. Ms. Ferry can definitely write some amazing intimate scenes whether it be two females together or male and female! You will definitely be needing a cool drink when Garrett and Suzy get together. Their scenes are explosive and erotic with some BDSM mixed in. Whew!

I loved Suzy’s character! She was smart and feisty. Definitely a hardass. She didn’t really take s**t from anyone. But, she was also sensitive, which just showed me that she was such a caring person. Now, Garrett, he  was also a much loved character. Oh, he was alpha alright, but he had a soft side given the fact that he cared about people too. He just came off a little gruff. He didn’t really want to show anyone his emotional side. He just was all male, and Suzy loved that about him. Even when he finally tells her his story, she can’t help but be affected by the man.

There’s so many things that I loved about this book! Suzy’s flamboyant friends. Garrett being a restaurant owner and chef. Suzy still carrying on her friendship with her friend Emma who still lives in Denmark. The fact that her mom tries to repair the damage that she verbally inflicted on her daughter. The slow-burn romance that finally Garrett and Suzy decide to submit to. And, who could forget that beautiful dog, Rufus, that everyone loved. So many emotions running through me when I was reading this book. I was so sorry when I had to turn the last page. Just couldn’t get enough of Suzy and Garrett’s story! Can’t wait to read the next book in the series! So, Ms. Ferry, get a move on in cranking out that next book...

“Have you already forgotten what I keep telling you? That life is for the living, and that we shouldn’t spend the time we have on this earth consumed by the past?” ~ Suzy (Chap. 33)

Review Written, 6/24/16

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