Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shades of Blue (Black & Blue, #1) written by Melyssa Winchester (356 pgs) – finished reading 6/4/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Sports)


Another great start to a new series of books from author Melyssa Winchester! What first drew me into choosing to next read this book was the beautiful cover. So reading the blurb was the obvious next step. Who wouldn’t be intriqued by the thought of engaging in a story with two hot wrestlers who travel from town to town showcasing their love for the sport? So when they encounter twin sisters, Avery and Emery, they’re totally smitten with the two. At first the guys don’t realize that there’s twins involved, which turns out to be pretty humorous, but then when they do, both men are even more attracted to the two. The story revolves around each couple’s romance with some pretty heavy emotional drama within each character’s life. Avery and Emery meet for the first time and it’s an emotional moment. One of them didn’t know that the other existed not realizing that she was lied to all her life. But, they embraced their relationship and became close. As a family member is battling a terminal disease and their impending death is soon approaching, the two women are strickened with the imminent loss.The guys, Brady and Jax, are also forced to deal with painful and unwanted distress with both their families and their careers. Brady’s soon to be ex-wife is just a pain in the ass. Bothering him constantly when both of them know that their marriage is over, which puts pressure on Emery and Brady’s relationship. And, poor Jax he’s been hurt in the past, and now he just keeps making mistake after mistake with Avery when he knows that relationships are difficult for her. Her past was such a lie, and she just can’t move beyond it.  Will these two couples be able to survive all the repercussions from their actions even though their heart is in the right place??

What I loved about this book was the romance! As much as I liked Brady, Jax was really it for me. What he says and how he acts is romance at its very best. The dancing was just so swoon-worthy. And, even though most of Jax and Avery’s intimate moments were fade-to-black, they still were just so exquisite and dreamy. A little corny at times, but that’s okay, the romance made up for it. As for the two sisters, Emery takes the cake! She just seemed much stronger than Avery and more wild, which thrilled me. The cliff-diving and her and Brady’s sexual encounter was exciting. It was spontaneous and freeing. Even though Brady had to be talked into it, he realized that this girl was doing something to him. He was totally into her. He soon realizes that their relationship was nothing like he had ever experienced before. There definitely was insta-love between each character, but I didn’t mind at all. It just fit with the characters’ personalities and the storylines within the book. And, even though there was that insta-love, each couple did experience their own set of problems.

“The haze I’d been living in, going from one show to the next, never really paying attention to anything going on around me, determined to just do my job and move onto the next one, it lifted when I saw you, Avery. You, even with your eyes all wide and frightened, were the first person since everything fell apart that I could actually see. I saw you then, the same way I’m seeing you now. Clearly. You’re the only thing that is.” ~ Jax (Chap.36)

And, that epilogue, it was really moving to read. Painful, but meaningful. Tearful. I just have to see how all this plays out in the end. Four beautiful people that deserve to find their happiness with their one true love. Like I said, the romance was what this book was all about. Such a stunning creation! So looking forward to reading the next installment in this duet!

Review Written, 6/8/16

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