Thursday, March 3, 2016

One Day Soon (One Day Soon, #1) written by A. Meredith Walters (379 pgs) – finished reading 2/26/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

This is one book that I highlighted and highlighted - words, paragraphs, thoughts, everything. The writing was superb. And, I was totally emotionally drained by the time the last page was turned. This was a real toughy to read about. Abuse and homelessness just gut me. And, the level to which the author went to show such emotional trauma was horrifying and painful to read about. The characters are real and damaged. Through some tragic past events we find a woman given a second chance on her life. And, when she comes in contact with a man from her past, she’s thrown right back into the desperate life she left behind her seven years ago. The story is told back and forth from the past into the present by our heroine. She now has a more meaningful life while helping patients at a hospital as a social worker. She’s proud of work and as she recognizes an old face from the past, she knows that she has to do everything to help him.

“Because right at that moment, the love of my young adult life was lying in a hospital bed, clearly still held prisoner by the choices he had made long before I had ever met him.” ~ Imogene (Chap. 3)

“He had fed me his dreams and I had given him mine. There wasn’t a piece of his soul that I didn’t recognize and claim as my own. At one time we had been two pieces of the same messed up puzzle. He learned my secrets and I discovered the ones he had guarded so fiercely.” ~ Imogene (Chap. 5) 

“We’ll walk on the beach, Imi, and we’ll dance on the sand. Because one day soon, I promise you that all this ugly will become something beautiful.” ~ Yoss (Chap 8)

After all these years, though, their relationship is strained. They’re both not the same people as they were so many years ago. And, when Yoss’s life hangs in the balance, not knowing if he will survive a possible terminal medical scare, Imi comes to the rescue just like Yoss has done for her so many times years ago. Oh, boy! This one will affect you with tears and big-time feelings of heartache. Not knowing if they will get their HEA is the big question. And, I’m not going to share if it’s good or bad. But, I will say that I was immensely impressed with Ms. Walter’s high level of drama this book entailed. The friends that tried to stick together as a “family” as one of them is taken in tragedy. It had an impact on all and it seemed to destroy their decision to remain together. Especially when Yoss had promised Imi that he would leave and go away with her, and she catches him in a most devastating act.

“No matter how horrified she had been, her love held her prisoner. It was up to me to set her free.” ~ Yoss (Chap. 31)

I’m telling you that so far this year, this is the best book that I have read. You will not be disappointed whatsoever. And, that ending??? WoW!! I was blown away!!!

Review Written, 3/1/16

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