Friday, March 11, 2016

Fight For You (Broken Souls, #1) written by Charisse Spiers (340 pgs) – finished reading 3/8/16 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (Dark)

I’m so impressed with this author’s ability to suck me into her stories from page one. This one is a little bit more darker and grittier than the previous book that I had read of hers. It starts off actually pretty sad and a bit graphic. It’s always hard for me to read about child abuse. There’s nothing more upsetting and horrific than a young victim’s cry for help. They’re supposed to trust adults. But, that’s not always the case. Haddox Hayes’ story is one of darkness. One of pain. Unfortunately, Haddox feels that his soul is dark and hideous, and that he could only bring disappointment and sadness to the ones he loves. So he pretty much keeps everyone on a short leash. And, women? He just can’t let them in. That is until he meets Piper Morgan. When they first meet she gives it back to him as good as it gets. She’s no stranger to viciousness and deceit. So, when Haddox makes a crude comment, she doesn’t hold back her verbal retailiation. Piper just happens to be one of Haddox’s best friend’s roommate, and she’s going to be seeing more of the cocky bastard. Poor Piper, though! She’s been through some emotional trauma herself. With a narcissistic mother from hell and a douchebag-of-an-ex-boyfriend who comes and goes for just a romp in the sack whenever he wants, she’s emotionally challenged when it comes to those she can trust. Her life is not all sunshine and rainbows neither. And, Alyvia, Piper’s roommate, begs Haddox not to f**k her. Haddox, though, can’t get the woman out of his mind and he just has to have her. As their relationship grows, both main characters know that there is something more than just the sex. But, neither one of them wants to get hurt, and Haddox just can’t let Piper see how black his soul really is.

Wow!! This one is a real roller coaster of a ride! The feelings are there from both main characters, but so is the fear that neither person will like what they see and leave. To put their hearts out there is taking a major major chance of getting hurt. But, they have to trust. The author drags the reader through some hard to read trauma. I was so saddened by the amount of abuse, and it was really hard to read. But, I did love both characters. They were kind and loyal to their friends and each other. And, the intimacy between the two, was so steamy and passionate. You WILL be fanning yourself!!

Some of the things that were expressed in writing were beautiful...

“The difference in first love and true love is that true love isn’t one sided, and you can always recognize the difference. He may not say it, but he shows it, and that speaks louder than the words from his mouth.” ~ Piper (Chap. 20)

“Babe, that’s the beauty of love. It’s an imperfectly perfect act. You accept the bad with the good. You don’t leave someone in the dark to try and protect them. You share it to stay in the light. It’s like a balancing beam. You even out the weight so the other doesn’t sink. When you love someone, nothing they could say or do would change that, but a relationship can’t work if you don’t fight to keep it afloat.” ~ Alyvia (Chap. 21)

“Anyone that believes there is no hope for true love is wrong. They just need an example to spark that hope to continue on. It takes faith that it will come. True love is not something that we can find. It’s something that is in the background all along, waiting for the right moment to fall into your lap, but when it does it will alter your universe one heartbeat at a time.” ~ Piper (Chap. 29)

Ms. Spiers shows her passion for writing when she somewhat transforms Haddox to be more of a tender and romantic man. He’s still quiet and watchful, but he’s not so raw and intense. And, Piper, she’s just so much more confident and independent. Both characters grew as a result of their trust in each other. What a great book! This is one that will keep you turning the pages well into the early morning hours...

Review Written, 3/11/16

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