Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lev (Shot Callers, #1) written by Belle Aurora (370 pgs) – finished reading 2/29/16- 3 stars - Contemporary Romance

This was my first Belle Aurora read, and I loved the hero – Lev. He was just so sweet and caring. A man that “wasn’t good with words” but was so protective and loyal to the ones he loved. His family is close, and when he sees a woman taking something that doesn’t belong to her, he calls her out on it. He tells her that he is going to put her to work and also gives her a place to stay. What he doesn’t know, and either does she, is that he has connections to her past with a distant relative. Mina, oh Mina, dear Mina! Not my favorite heroine, but she’s had a tough life. One that for the past seven years has had her living on the streets. Her relationship with Lev, however, seems to grow as time goes by. Not just a friendship, but something more intimate. She cares for him immensely, but sometimes I thought that she treated him like a child. And, believe when I say that the author’s description of him is NOT one of a child!!  He’s ALL MALE!!! I wasn’t too keen on her relationship with her brother as it takes off too fast. They never even knew the other existed. So, how can they be chummy chummy all of a sudden? There was a great cast of friends and family, however. Like I say they supported and protected each other unconditionally. But, Lev’s past indiscretion has left him in the mercy of another that has a tragic outcome, which could have been a huge problem if the circumstances were different. This book had me mesmerized by the hero, and I was surprised with what the author had in store for him. He just was so innocent and sweet. Yes, he had those moments that included that he stand-up for his family. But, it was all in love, honor, and loyalty that he did it for. Looking forward to reading more from this author...

Review Written, 3/1/16

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