Monday, April 27, 2015

Vandal (Ashes & Embers, #2) written by Carian Cole (253 pgs) – finished reading 4/21/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

4/21/15 - Vandal made me feel! He made me want! He was what he is...hard-core! Amazing!!! And, Tabi felt it too!!!!

4/23/15 – Two damaged souls losing their lifeline to survive turn to each other when the will to go on is just too overwhelming. Part of me could feel their pain, the other part of me lived their pain as I immersed myself in Ms. Cole’s book while living their heartbreak. So sad it is as these two individuals really need and cling to each other. Vandal carries the burden of living with the guilt and trying to give Tabitha a reason to smile again. While Tabitha is actually keeping a few secrets from Vandal that he will never become privy to, or so we think. Is their story actually over? I’m curious to see what might happen to this powerful couple when Lukas’ book is released sometime in the summer.

There are some elements of BDSM portrayed within in this book, but I would call it mild. If the book was somewhat longer, I would think that Vandal would have experimented a little more with Tabitha. But, it had just enough to keep me invested in their love story. It seemed to fit perfectly with their tragic past. My heart went out to both individuals as they dealt with the repercussions of a senseless act that really could have been avoided. As the reader, I could just feel their powerful connection. It was cosmic! Almost feeling like their destiny to be together was already determined by some outside force. It was paramount! And, explosive! It was tearful, though, for them to get to this point, but so well worth it. Loved their story and loved both Vandal and Tabitha!! So, looking forward to Lukas’ story. Should be a winner since HE IS Vandal’s brother...

DAMN, that was one hell of a cover!!!

Review Written, 4/27/15

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