Monday, April 27, 2015

Hearts of Fire (Hearts, #2) written by L.H. Cosway (350 pgs) – finished reading 4/27/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

Wow! I was totally blown away with this one! L.H. Cosway at her very best!!!

I loved the whole concept of this book! The characters were amazing! And, the drama and intrigue kept me glued to this book and finish it in a day! I couldn’t put it down! While I thought it was hard for Ms. Cosway to top Six of Hearts, she just totally proved me wrong! Hearts of Fire was just out of this world! Jake McCabe and Lille Baker were two characters that I definitely would never forget! Jake had me mesmerized with his brooding demeanor and his mysterious darkness. He reeked of sexual heat and powerful wickedness. And, when he encounters Lille it’s amazingly intoxicating. Jake warns Lille that he is dangerous, but she’s just so taken with him that she time and time tells him that she’s not afraid of him. There’s just so much more to their story than just the romance as the backdrop of the circus creates a freakish excitement. The twisted relationship between Lille and her mother has driven Lille to run to see what possibly could be out there to satisfy her taste for artistry. She’s just so unhappy with her life and the affect that her mother has on her. So with her secret bucket list written in her sketchpad, she sets out to explore with the circus her possible fate. And, Jack just happens to be part of that fate! I just can’t say enough of how taken I was with this book. And, as the ending drew near, I couldn’t help but smile for both Jack and Lille. The epilogue at the end with the “act” in Las Vegas was exciting and moving. Everything just seemed to come together. I loved the descriptive scenes within the story...whether it was at the circus, the illusions performed, or the sexual trysts between Jack and Lille. The reader could see and feel the conquests. So realistic and imaginable. And, the sex was fire-breathing HOT!!! Just loved this book so much!!! Now how long do I have to wait before King’s book comes out? Not too long I hope....

Review Written, 4/27/15

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