Thursday, July 24, 2014

Until Alex written by J. Nathan (311 pgs) – finished 7/20/14 – 5 stars - NEW ADULT

Fantastic debut by new author J. Nathan! This novel full of romance, heartbreak, and drama brings together two wounded individuals that just speak sadness. Both are young and full of life but seemingly lost amongst the reality of circumstances gone wrong. Alex finding herself now living with an unfamiliar aunt after a tragedy consumes her family. And, Hayden, who is drowning in guilt and loyalty from choices made concerning his life of recklessness and wrongdoing. When the two meet, it's with sarcasm and humor that get the pair off on the right foot, but when feelings start getting in the way, will these two be able to share a common ground and "draw-a-line in the sand" when it comes to revealing truths and trusting each other?

Both characters were extremely likable! The author expressed their POV's in alternating voices. Alex was stronger than she gave herself credit for. She could definitely hold her own when put to the test, which just made her more of a survivor in Hayden's eyes. Plus she was beautiful and smart and had a sense of humor too. Now, Hayden, he was gorgeous. Dark hair, blue eyes, and a sculpted body that just rippled with "YUM". He was damaged from a destructive past, and the present life he had chosen was not much better. But, Alex comes along and he now has a purpose to want to change for the better. She just gave him so much hope that he was worthy of changing his life's path. Two decent individuals that just got lost along the way while trying to live their lives the best way they knew how. They were a perfect fit, and together they would conquer their demons completely.

I really enjoyed Alex and Hayden's story - reading it late into the night. I kept saying to myself "okay, one more chapter, uuummmm....just one more chapter" that was until 2am. Finally deciding, "okay, I have to go to sleep NOW". It was that engrossing! It's so refreshing to read a standalone that is not part of a series! You will not be disappointed by the first-time effort of Ms. Nathan. Definitely a keeper!

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