Thursday, July 24, 2014

Take Me With You written by Melyssa Winchester (296 pgs) – finished 7/23/14 – NEW ADULT

Simply magnificent! One of the best books I read so far this year!

12:30am - I seriously have to think about what to write for this book. Such an emotional roller-coaster...

***Warning – Abusive Sexual Situations and Self-Harm Present Within Book***

Amy is nasty. She’s such a hardened bitch. Bully extraordinaire. All the special education kids in her high school are afraid of her. And, when she takes the abuse too far and is expelled, she finds herself having to see a therapist. “There’s no way in hell that she is going to talk to the guy and tell him her deep dark secrets!” And, the secrets that she has are doozies! My heart just couldn’t help but break for her. Sure, she’s mean and everyone’s worst nightmare, but the nightmare that she has been living with since the age of four, is horrific and sorrowful. I just don’t know what to say when reading such a heartbreaking story. The tears just flowed. I’m pretty much speechless. But, there is a silver lining to this story. The author introduces a beautiful boy to save her. To look past all her faults and find the good. The real person inside. The beautiful person just dying to be born once again. And, what Eric brings out in Amy is monumental. It gives her a chance to redeem herself and finally believe in herself. In fact, she might even like herself. But, what does Amy do for Eric when she knows that he is so different from her? She gives him confidence. Eric is shy and quiet. Always trying to keep on the down-low so that he doesn’t get picked on in school. The more and more time that these two spend together, the more that they believe that they are meant to be together. When Amy does return to school after her expulsion is lifted, however, what ramifications will the two now face when their newly embraced relationship is found out? I don’t want to give much more away of the story. I just want the reader to experience the rest on their own. It was just so sad, but yet uplifting.

Amy was an extremely strong character. Her strength came from blocking out the evilness of her home life. She never knew happiness before she met Eric. And, Eric was supportive and protective. He was just such a nice guy. He saw beyond Amy’s despicable behavior, and gave her a chance to reform her past mistakes. It was cute how they talked about the smell of each other. Who knew that peanut butter and bubblegum could be an aphrodisiac?? The reader will get glimpses of past characters from Ms. Winchester’s other published books “Count On Me” and “Hear Me Now”. These are all standalone books, but I would still read them in published order so you wouldn’t be confused as to what the other characters have experienced. It sheds light on friendships and relationships that have already occurred. Ms. Winchester’s ability to yet again portray believable and authentic characters with learning disabilities was flawless. I just felt the pain and suffering that these individuals went through. And, also the constant abuse that Amy endured was portrayed as unfeeling and just so heinous. It was extremely hard to read. But, in the end two people found solice in each other. Found a true beginning to acceptability and happiness. Found peace...  

“You’re my perfect storm. You’re the lightning that makes my sky brighter every single time we’re together and you’re thunder because whenever we’re together and you kiss me, laugh at my corny jokes or smile, it makes my heart beat so loud and so fast that it’s the only sound I can hear . It’s the only sound I want to hear.”  ~ Eric (Chap. 18)

“What does the rain mean to you? The rain is like the water. It cleanses you. Do you remember what you said about the phoenix a couple weeks ago?”


“Right. So when it’s reborn, everything in the past is washed away and it has a chance to start over. You’re the rain, Eric.”  ~ Amy (Chap. 19)

I was wrong before. A storm isn’t made up of just one or two parts. It’s a bunch of different parts that come together and create the natural enigma that it becomes as it makes its way through the sky. The both of us, we’re individual parts on our own. She’s the thunder and lightning and I’m the rain. It’s only when we come together that it’s right. We become the perfect storm. ~ Eric narrating (Epilogue)

“Eric is so much more than a person with a diagnosis to me. He’s the person that taught me what a true friend is, what love looks and feels like. He’s the person that taught me what change, acceptance and understanding really are.”  ~ Amy (Epilogue)



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