Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blame It on the Pain written by Ashley Jade (510 pgs) – finished reading 9/15/16 – 3.5 stars - Contemporary Romance (MMA Romance)

3.5 star rating

From the very beginning I was sucked into this book. Great characters. Impeccable storyline. Sizzling romance. Amazing writing. But, towards the end I was getting bored. Enough already. Let’s wrap it up. That’s not to say that I didn’t like the book. I just was done. I did enjoy seeing Jackson and Alyssa’s relationship florish, though, but I was just kind of done with all the nonsense. I was sick of Ford and all the back and forth with Alyssa. He was not who he seemed to be. And, I was not too crazy about that. He was a liar and a cheater, and I had expected so much more from Alyssa’s father’s best friend being that he was such a stand-up guy. I did enjoy the supporting characters, however. Tyrone and Momma were great! So loyal and supportive! And, funny too!

Yes, this book has practically everything I require in a book to keep me interested. Hot guy. Beautiful girl. And, a story that had drama coming out of its ear. I don’t know. Was I looking for more when I say that I was starting to get bored? Now I know that I’m in the minority with my review, but I wouldn’t hesitate to read another book by this author. From the start I was enjoying every page that I was reading. Maybe it was just a little on the long side, which usually is my thing. I liked the unpredictableness towards the end. Some truths were revealed that I didn’t see exactly coming, but had an inkling there were going to be some doozies. And, I’m all about the shocking factor. So, I was glad for the closure that the ending brought to the main characters. Don’t let my review sway you from reading this book. I might have been just having a bad reading day, and you might find it just what you were looking for. Just look at that cover...AWESOME!!!

Review Written, 9/21/16

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