Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Beautiful Sin written by Terri E. Laine and A.M. Hargrove (267 pgs) – finished reading 9/17/16 – 4 stars - Contemporary Romance (Religious Romance)

***Warning – there is abuse within these pages- so triggers may be present***

I can’t tell you how many times I threatened to put this book to bed and not touch it again. But, for some reason, I kept picking it up and continuing on. And, to be honest, it just kept getting better and better until I found myself at the end and cheering for both main characters. Religion isn’t my thing. In fact, I’m not Catholic either. But, this book had me totally interested. The two main characters, Canaan and Haven, were out of this world! Both of them had suffered at the hands of adults. People that young children are supposed to put their trust in. It was difficult to read at times as these two innocents were over and over again punished for things that were out of their control. As they become adults, each one puts their heart into their careers. One leaning towards his faith in God, and the other immersing in her artistic talent. When they encounter each other after many years gone by, it’s not without conviction. Boy was it harsh! Wow! I was blown away by Haven’s accusing outburst. She’s one tough cookie! But, as she gets to know Canaan, she knows that he’s not the monster she plagued him to be when she finally understands that he was just trying to protect her.

I really enjoyed their story! And, the writing was exquisite. The love between the couple was beautiful even though it was marked with indiscretion and abuse. The two were strong and courageous as the truths and secrets of their past emerge. But, it’s the ending that captured my heart. It was perfect! And, so fitting for two damaged individuals that come together with hope and peace for a very special future. You will not be disappointed with this one even if religion is not a strong factor in your life. It wasn’t preachy. It just presented a way to find your strength when the going was so rough and doubtful.

The below listed quote could possibly contain spoilers. Read at your own risk...

“Haven, I don’t know if you know this or not, but they misspelled your name. They left out the E. It should be Heaven, for that’s what you are to me. But then again, maybe not. Because you are also my Haven, my safe place, my sanctuary, my oasis. They say God works in ways beyond our understanding, and he certainly did with us. If anyone had told me a year ago I would be standing at an altar getting married, well, I would’ve called them crazy. And now as I look at my life, at our lives, I can’t think of anything any better than this. A love so true and all-encompassing that it makes me thank God every day over and over that he led us to each other. So, on this day, our wedding day, I can’t give you my heart, because you already own it, and I can’t give you my soul, because you already share it. But instead, I give you all of me until this life of mine or yours has ended, because you possess every single bit of me, and I know you will cherish it as much as I will cherish yours.” ~ Canaan (Chap. 35)

Review Written, 9/22/16

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