Tuesday, December 8, 2015

To Love Jason Thorn written by Ella Maise (356 pgs) – finished reading 12/8/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance

I totally loved this one! Jason Thorn was such a swoon-worthy character, but his Hollywood image is tainted because of a few indescretions. Drinking and drugs are not the issue, but his brazen sexual innuendos are. Olive, who has been crushing on Jason since she first met him when she was a young girl, finds herself still highly attracted to the guy when once again they meet. It’s now some years later and Jason is a huge Hollywood star while Olive is a best-selling author. Jason is seeking out the lead in her blockbuster novel now being sought by a producer to launch it on the big screen. Oh, my he’s still just as gorgeous and beautiful as he once was, probably even more so, are Olive’s thoughts. And, Jason treats her just like “the little one” that she was all those years ago. But, Olive is not that little anymore. And, through time Jason realizes that.

I threw myself right into this book and didn’t stop turning the pages until I was done. Their story was humorous and romantic. Throughout the book, the reader is introduced to Olive’s friends. Lucy was a hoot while being loyal and protective when times called for it. Char was on the back-burner for me. I didn’t know if she was truly trustworthy or had something deceiving up her sleeve. My suspicions were eventually revealed. And the ex-boyfriend, Marcus, was just an ass. I just knew that there was something not right there. These supporting characters had me on my toes guessing just where their loyalties would eventually lie.

This was a dirty talking, steamy read. Olive seemed to be so innocent but yet such a self-assured woman. And, well Jason he’s confident and always in the moment. So when they were together intimately, the reader gets some pretty sexy glimpses of just how powerful their chemistry actually is. The sensuality between the two was written with passion and poignancy. There was definitely some HOT and spicy panty-melting moments. Whew!!

This was my first Ella Maise read, and I promise you, it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed Jason and Olive’s love story! It was entertaining and romantic! Love those books where someone has loved a person from afar or over time and is so afraid to act on it! The character always seems to grow and eventually shine. And, that’s just what young Olive absolutely did as she matures into a beautiful young woman. And, Jason's eyes were opened as far as how just being with the right woman can be exactly what he was missing all along. This is definitely a keeper, and I’m still gleefully swooning over Jason Thorn’s character...ahhhhh!!!

And, the guy on the cover is just YYYUUUMMMYYY....gotta love those abs!!!

Review Written, 12/8/15

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