Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bright Side (Bright Side, #1) written by Kim Holden (383 pgs) – finished reading 5/22/15 – 5 stars - Contemporary Romance (New Adult)


I knew that this one was going to be sad, but I so was not prepared for the level of pain I felt when it was over. I loved Kate! She was funny and feisty. Confident. Personable. Everyone’s friend. She made me smile with her honestness. She made a statement. And, she will never be forgotten because she made her mark on every person’s life that she touched. If you read this book, you will definitely cry because Kate just weaves herself into your heart without even trying. 

Whether she was called Kate, Katie, Bright Side or even Katherine she was a force to be reckoned with. She stood for what’s right. For what’s your most personal desire. What’s your biggest most important dream. Nothing stopped her, and when you think she would be afraid, she faced it dead on. Ms. Holden created such an impeccable character. She was never afraid to show her true self. This is just not her story, though, it’s about two men who have come to love her (not a love triangle per se). Both loving her in their own private and touching way. Both needing to have had her in their lives for personal meaning. And, Kate needed them too. Her life has been anything but easy. She has pretty much depended solely on herself her whole life. So when she finds out that she has contracted another bout of an all too life-stealing illness, she knows she must be brave and not run.

From the very beginning, and as I read each chapter, I could feel the emotion rising. I basically couldn’t avoid the heartbreak building as Kate’s story is told. As the author alternates POV’s from Kate to Keller and as they got to know each other, I got a sense of hope that maybe this story wasn’t going to end badly. I was totally off that mark. But, it was done, and the words that were written were simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I did cry, in fact, I barely could read the last chapter through my tears. It took me a while to calm down from the emotional loss of such an intriguing and brave young heroine. She was captivating and honest, and her story was raw and real. I can only hope that Ms. Holden tells Gus’ story with as much compassion, humor, and bravery. Loved, loved, this book but what a heartbreaking ending. One of my favorites so far this year...

“So, why do you call Kate ‘Bright Side’?” Shelly asks.

He looks at me and then back to her. Then back to me. And back to her. He points at me. “Have you met the girl?”

Everyone looks at me and their smiles are endearing. It makes me feel good.

Gus continues. “She’s the poster child for positivity. She’s a freaking ray of sunshine. She doesn’t just look on the bright side...she lives there.”Kate (Thursday, November 24)

“Katie didn’t just look on the bright side...she lived there. He was right. And that made her the bravest person I’ve ever known. You are brave...” – Keller (Friday, January 27)

“Do epic.” – Kate (Sunday, January 22)

Review Written 6/4/15

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