Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Adult Books: A Fresh and Exciting Genre' of Reading....

I find myself focusing on New Adult books this year. There's so many Indie authors that are delving into this "fresh" and "exciting" genre' of writing. It's not just for women in their 20s or 30s. I see more and more women in their 40s and 50s getting interested in this genre' as well. Series book writing is also an enormous theme contributor to this new genre' whether it be the same couple continuing their story or new couples that are either friends or family members portrayed in each book. The only drawback from this type of writing for the reader, is that sometimes a reader has to wait quite a while for a new addition to the series. So, I tend to delay starting a series until most of the books are released either in hardcopy or e-book, unless, of course,  it has an exceptional reputation for being an outstanding book. Then I'll give it a shot. New Adult books can be pretty intense with college age up until late 20s. They deal with all sorts of realistic and current situations from sex, drugs, alcohol, abuse, trafficking, and peer pressure. So, if you're squimish to those things, you might not want to read this genre'. I, myself, having two teenagers and two young adults, find that this is my reality now. It's real and up-close to what I deal with everyday. Obviously the books are fiction, but there definitely is some truth to what is written. So, if you like novels that deal with drama, romance, humor, and real life situations, this might just be the category of reading you might enjoy.

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