Friday, November 20, 2015

Taming the Rake (The Rake, #1) written by Monica McCarty (360 pgs) – finished reading 11/18/15 – 4 stars - Historical Romance

It’s been almost a whole year since I’ve read a Historical Romance. And, I’m happy to say that I picked up a real winner. Monica McCarty never disappoints with her romances, and this is one that promises to deliver one fervent love story yielding one incredible couple! James Coventry is definitely the brooding type with his casual aloftness and unhidden sexual trysts on display. He doesn’t give a fig what anyone thinks, but there’s an underlying reason as to his drunken indiscretions and brash behavior. His life has not been without condescending abuse as a young lad which also includes the present.When he meets Georgina Beauclerk, he is smitten with her. But, she’s too young. Inexperienced. And, he never lasts very long with anyone. Gina’s probably the type that needs commitment and fidelity. He’s been there, done that before, and it didn’t work out. He was hurt irrevocably. She does, although, push him to the edge with her daring ways and alluring presence. Along with Gina’s beauty, she is confident and smart, and she’s in no way intimidated by Coventry. He can’t seem to get her out of his mind so much so that when she comes to him with a proposition, how can he turn her down. Coventry, though, eagerly turns the table on her, and she still surprises him with her boldness. That is until he discovers that she may be the one holding all the cards as to succeeding her quest to make a fool out of him.

One just has to love this couple!! There were quite a few laugh out loud moments that had me so entertained in their story. Ms. McCarty doesn’t skimp on her knowledge of the ton as well. From the exquisite descriptions of their clothes to the flavorful English language spoken, the reader gets a true feeling of the Regency era. There was just only one small part that just had me a little peeved where Coventry couldn’t have been more disgraceful. But, he did redeem himself wonderfully with a true confession that really put himself in humiliating circumstances. He was definitely swoon-worthy in Gina’s eyes at that moment, and mine also! Oh, and who could forget how HOT and delectable these two were intimately? A fit of perfection is what they were! The author’s taste in writing love scenes is stellar. It starts with that sexual tension where the reader just wants more, and then the more is totally off-the-charts STEAMY when they finally come together!! This author made me see what I was missing from my lack of reading historical romance. I definitely have to get myself invested in reading this genre more! I’m intrigued with the history within a love story! It just makes me appreciate the past so much more...

“Lady Georgina wasn’t the night, she was the day, bright and shining, bringing light back into the darkness of his life. Her smile, her laughter, her beauty, transcended the fortress he’d erected around his heart.” ~ Coventry (Chap. 21)

Review Written, 11/20/15

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