Monday, August 4, 2014

Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock Chick #6) written by Kristen Ashley (518 pgs) - finished 4/22/13 - 5 stars - CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Another great read written by author, Kristen Ashley! Ms. Ashley keeps the ball rolling with another stellar novel centering around her awesomely irresistible  Rock Chicks and the alpha-male dynamic Hot Bunch. This time, though, the novel revolves around local rockstar, Stella Gunn, and hot green-eyed PI, Kai “Mace” Mason. The two were a blast-from-the-past. And, Stella just couldn’t figure out where their relationship went wrong, but after a shoot-out where Stella is grazed, Mace deems it necessary to protect her even though he was the one to call their relationship quits. Stella later learns that it was a “test”, and she’s not very happy about it, but she’s just so into Mace. She could definitely see herself making a life with this guy, even though he’s so bossy and has demons shaded in his eyes. Stella will get to the bottom of that shit - make no mistake about that!

I’m still so impressed with the humor and suspense of each novel. This one sure did not disappoint with Stella being such a strong and resilient woman. She’s not afraid of anything – just willing to take the consequences as long as she’s there for her man and her friends. I could say that Stella was one of my favorite Rock Chicks so far. She could stand on her own, take charge of her band, and be there for her guy – all without beng selfish or impatient. She had a heart of gold! And Mace, well he was just so huge and sizzling and enticing. He had Stella’s back, but with all his demons roaming around inside him, he was afraid to expose her to all that hell. He thought he was saving Stella from a life of misery. But in reality, Stella was the one that wanted to help Mace. Save him. And, always be there for him in the end. They were a real powerhouse couple! Each one just trying to find a common ground to relinquish their tortured past mistakes. It was a beautiful love story full of desperation, heartache, and eventually consolution – a relief of all that bottled-up pain finally being resolved.

Kristen Ashley has created a series of men and women that are very entertainingly intriguing to read about. They are there for each other constantly night and day -  no matter what the problem. Very inspiring, and the humor and sexuality is mind-blowing too! Can’t get enough of this group of women along with their hot steamy alpha-men!


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